Viktor frankl an overview of logotherapy essay

This is both gripping and chilling. His answer, ultimately, was that some people were able to find a greater meaning. Das Menschenbild der Seelenheilkundein particular, focuses on spiritual aspects of the human psyche as contributing factors in any effective system of psychotherapy. Since fate seemed to be in control, however, making decisions could be tortuous.

The first phase is characterized by the symptom of shock. Meaning is the central tenet of his approach. For prisoners who chose to live totally in the past, shutting out the reality of their lives in the camp and overlooking opportunities to make something positive of their experiences, life became pointless and meaningless.

Real pleasures were very few. Overall, this is one of the most powerful existential books ever written.

Man's Search for Meaning Summary

Der umbewusste Gott ; The Unconscious GodPsychotherapy and Existentialismand The Will to Meaning continue to explore the philosophically existential characteristics of logotherapy, especially the search for meaning and its compatibility with religion and theology.

While all the physical and political freedoms may be taken away from an individual, no one can take away the freedom to choose the way in which a person will face their life. The apathy and irritability prisoners experienced resulted from lack of sleep partially due to the vermin that infested the hutshunger, and lack of nicotine and caffeine, as well as from the inferiority complexes most prisoners suffered.

For Frankl, the culmination of this first phase came when the prisoners were taken to the showers and all their clothes and possessions were taken from them. In he remarried and returned to the University of Vienna as a professor of neurology and psychiatry, where he continued to teach and write about logotherapy.

Prisoners created an improvised cabaret from time to time that was so effective in helping them temporarily forget their suffering that many men missed receiving their ration of food to attend.

Frankl illustrates this, along with the lack of value placed on human lives, through a description of the sick convoys. I will make no attempts to give an overview of the story because it is a story that each person must read for themselves. He has received numerous awards and honors, including the Austrian State Prize for Public Education, the Austrian Cross of Honor, and several honorary degrees, including an L.

Full name Viktor Emil Frankl Austrian nonfiction writer and essayist. Later, he again tried to escape with a friend, but the Red Cross arrived first. Frankl in a very compassionate way wondered why some people were able to survive the brutality and horror of concentration camps while others died or killed themselves.

A colleague who had been imprisoned weeks before advised him and his fellow new arrivals to shave daily, stand up straight, and avoid looking weak in any way. In general, Frankl has never produced an overly organized view of his theory. Frankl describes how, not for the last time, he waited for fate to take its course as the prisoners took their turns standing in front of an SS officer who casually pointed them to the right, which meant they looked physically fit enough for manual labor, or the left, which meant they would be sent to the gas chambers.

It is a good read for therapists and those interested in existential theory alike. Desperate to keep the manuscript of his first book, which he had in his coat pocket, he tried to enlist the help of an older prisoner.

At each stage of life, the book can bring new insights. Frankl also lectured extensively throughout the United States and Europe between the s and the s. Thinking of loved ones, recalling the past, exercising a sense of dark humor, and experiencing brief glimpses of the beauty of art and nature were all methods of survival in the camps.

Frankl illustrates this deadening of emotion by recalling how he calmly watched the body of a man who had just died of typhus be dragged from their hut into the snow, telling readers that he would not have even remembered this incident if his own lack of emotion had not interested him from a psychological standpoint.

Viktor Frankl Critical Essays

His subsequent writings continue to elaborate on various aspects of this theory. Some critics reject logotherapy as inadequate and charge that Frankl is unable to deal with people who have found life to be meaningless.

Frankl explains that people who were able to find meaning in their rich inner lives had better chances not only of surviving the camps but of lessening the damage to their inner selves. In the last two sections of the book, Frankl outlines a brief overview of logotherapy — Frankl approach to therapy.

In the camps, the feeling of being totally at the mercy of fate was inescapable.Viktor Frankl- an Overview of Logotherapy Research Paper Logotherapy (founder-Dr Viktor E.

Frankl )( words) The term ‘ Logotherapy ’ can be described as taken from the Greek meaning of ‘logos’ and ‘therapy’. While this overview does provide a description of the major points of logotherapy, it is not his best writing on his therapy approach.

In general, Frankl has never produced an. Viktor Frankl and his Theory of Logotherapy Essay Words 5 Pages In September ofViktor Frankl was arrested in Vienna and taken to one of the many Nazi death camps.

Introducing Dr Viktor Frankl. Viktor Frankl was the founder of logotherapy In ‘Mans search for meaning’() the introduction describes it as the ‘third Viennese school of psychotherapy’- after Freud’s psychoanalysis and Adler’s individual psychology(4).

AN OVERVIEW OF VIKTOR FRANKL'S LOGOTHERAPY AND EXISTENTIAL ANALYSIS Marshall H. Lewis, M. A. Viktor E. Frankl's logotherapy and existential analysis and to apply that hermeneutic to the author wishes to thank Dr.

Cynthia Wimberly of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy for the training in logotherapy and existential analysis that the. Viktor Frankl was the founder of logotherapy In ‘Mans search for meaning’() the introduction describes it as the ‘third Viennese school of psychotherapy’- after Freud’s psychoanalysis and Adler’s individual psychology(4).

Viktor frankl an overview of logotherapy essay
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